Success at Canterbury Home Show

The main points of focus for the Ashby stand was the launch of the new Canterbury READY Polished range as well as promoting READY Super Slab, READY Glow, READY Exposed and READY Colour.

On the Saturday and Sunday Ashby's had a representative from Harris Foster Consulting  and Southern Foundations present on the stand. Harris Foster was there to be available for the public to ask quesitons around engineering and READY Super Slab designs, and Southern Foundations were able to discuss the READY Super Slab construction process and pricing.

The amount of interest from the public regarding TC1, TC2 and TC3 engineered READY Super Slab floors was strong, and there was also alot of enquiries for READY Polished for internal floors. Overall we received a large number of follow ups requested by the public in relation to available contractors who can do work using Ashby's Solutions.

Overall the entire weekend was a good example of how Allied Concrete and Ashby's Ready Mixed can work together, and was great to see staff from both brands working on the stand throughout the weekend.