Experience of a lifetime for Ashby's Ready Mixed Employee

At the start of September I was fortunate enough to complete an Outward Bound 21 day Adventure course with thanks to BCITO and Ashby's Ready Mixed. I was the first woman ever to be awarded a scholarship to Anikiwa through BCITO.

I have to say it was the most outrageous thing I have ever done in my life and it was so rewarding. Working and living so closely with 14 other strangers in my watch who I can now call great friends.

I learnt how my attitude influences my outcomes, after my first tramp in the bush I did not think I could do it anymore and after some encouragement and human kindness from another team member carrying my pack I soon realised that even if I wanted to get rescued, I would still have to finish walking out the bush.


From then on I was able to test my limits and excel in situations I never imagined possible.

"You can either be cold, wet and miserable or just cold and wet"

One of these situations was the 25m+ high rock face. Being scared of heights this was very daunting, after a slow shaky climb I reached the top with sore arms and a new found confidence. Back on the ground I was approached to do the same climb blindfolded. I agreed to go half way up the rock face - little did I know that my team mates had a different plan, they managed to orienteer me to the top in record time!

I still am so proud of myself.

I would not want to change a thing from my outward Bound Experience, the early morning runs, swims, cold showers, sailing, kayaking, tramping, climbing, solo experience, banter and the fun.

But I would have to say I am happy to never see corned beef in a can again.


Jennifer Clark
Batcher/Dispatcher at Ashby's Ready Mixed